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Born From Sports To Esports

Esports is a subsidiary of Sports. Games is a world with unknown, passion, excitement, self-realization and athletics spirits. At Andaseat, we offer the gamers, teams and clubs a better way of enjoying the amazing gaming world.


Anda Seat, founded in 2007, has been a Sports brand offering seat solutions for football (China National Football team), Volleyball (China volleyball league) and racing cars. From 2013, Anda Seat expands to Esports providing OEM chairs for leading brands. In 2014, Anda Seat begins to offer gaming chairs under its own brand. With all the expertise accumulated in car racing & football, Anda Seat now dedicates to offering esports chairs to 30+ countries customers with the mission to provide professional, healthy and comfortable gaming experiences. With this mission, Anda Seat sponsors 2018 WGC, 2018 LDL, and gaming teams including LGD, OMG, V5, VTG, AHQ, etc. Anda Seat now is the 2nd biggest Esports chair supplier WW.