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To congratulate on the website upgrade as well as to give back to our customers, we are offering a $50 off discount on the Phantom 3 and Kaiser 3 L size chairs and a $200 off discount on the T-compact chairs for a limited time.
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Our Advantages
Premium PVC Leather or Linen
Fabric for your purchase;
Ergonomic Design Improving
Sitting Experience;
Adjustable armrests &
flexible wheels
Certified Class 4 Hydraulics,
Safe & Durable;
100% Steel Frame & Integrated
Foam, Durable & Comfy;
Up to 160°Backrest Recline
& Rocking Mode;
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Raving Reviews from Our Users
"I love the way this chair encourages me to sit up straight while still making me feel comfortable. The black and gold design puts me in mind of a sleek black cat and can fit nicely into any home or office."
-Rebecca Spear
"I'm 6 feet tall (182.9cm) and around 300 pounds (136kg). Many gaming chairs have vertical wings on the edges of the seat to cradle your butt. That's fine for fitter folks, but I often feel cramped in bucket-style seats. The Anda Seat Phantom 3 has flatter wings that allow me to sit comfortably."
-Sean Endicott
"The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is the best gaming chair you can buy — packing impressive comfort and plenty of adjustability for ergonomic perfection, alongside the nifty use of magnets that expands its usability."
-Jason England