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TaskRabbit is a same-day service platform that connects you with skilled Taskers in your local community to help you with odd-jobs
and errands. Whatever you need, they’ve got it covered.

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Book your Taskers now and get a $10 off Promo Code* from TaskRabbit that will be
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Specify your address. Select available date, time and your trusted Tasker. Note: You can browse Taskers by skills, reviews and price, and chat to confirm details.

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Wait for your Tasker to come to your home and assemble your AndaSeat chair. Andaseat customers receive $10 off their task, input your discount code, pay securely and leave a review via TaskRabbit.

*About Promo Code

1st-time users only. Expires on 6/30/21. One-time use. Valid only in the U.S. No cash value. Void where prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What is TaskRabbit?
    TaskRabbit is a same-day service platform that connects you with skilled Taskers in your local community to help you with odd-jobs and errands, including assembly services for people who need assistance with assembling their chair.
  • How do I Make a Booking?
    Click Book Your Tasker Now on to specify your details.
  • How to Get the Discount for the Assembly?
    Please input your discount code. Only after your task is complete will the payment be collected directly via the TaskRabbit platform.
  • Can I Find a Tasker Near My Place?
    Please visit to see if TaskRabbit is available in your area.
  • How Much Do I Pay a Tasker For This Assembly?
    Prices may vary based on location and the Tasker you select. Andaseat customers receive $10 off* their task, automatically applied to your TaskRabbit invoice when applicable.
  • How Do I Pay My Tasker?
    There's no need for cash to change hands. Your Tasker will invoice you for hours worked plus any agreed-upon expenses. Clients pay Taskers through a third-party payment provider. The entire payment process, including reimbursements, is handled on the TaskRabbit platform using the credit card you entered when booking.
  • Can I Reschedule or Cancel?
    Yes, you can cancel or reschedule as needed, however, if you cancel a confirmed task within 24 hours of its scheduled start time, you may be charged a one-hour cancellation fee at the Tasker’s hourly rate
  • How Can I Contact TaskRabbit Directly If Accidents Happen?
    Should you experience any issues with your task, reach out to TaskRabbit support.
  • Is It Really Necessary to Book a Task?
    The Assembly Video or the User Manual in the box will give you a step-by-step walkthrough. Most users take about 20 minutes to assemble their AndaSeat chair. You might want to watch it through at least once before you start. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us whenever you encounter a problem during assembly. You may choose TaskRabbit’s assembly service when you need further assistance, or just wanna spare more time for important things. After all, your time matters.
  • A Little Reminder
    *We suggest that you check on the chair parts before arranging for a task. If you find any problems,please click Here.
    * If you have more questions about TaskRabbit, please click Here to find your answers.

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